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Etape 1

Déposer une demande
de permis d'élève au SAN

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Etape 2

Réussir son
examen théorique

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Etape 3

S’inscrire au cours de sensibilisation
et conduire un maximum d’heures

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Etape 4

Passer son examen pratique
et fêter son permis

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Etape 5

au cours 2 phases

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Etape 6

Dernières formalités
et prenez la route

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A fun and entertaining atmosphere!


Do not forget to take your student permit with you!

Are we obliged to take these courses?


The pupil must have complied with them in order to enroll in the practical exam. Course to be done within the period of validity of the student's permit. Unless you have previously attended the awareness classes under another license in one of the following categories or sub-categories (A1 to 16, A or B1) and the examination has been successful. (So ​​no need to do them again, just introduce yourself to the practice exam when you're ready.




These are courses which are generally offered from Monday to Thursday from 6.30 pm to 8.30 pm. The timetables vary, sometimes in the morning, in the afternoon or in the evening.

A pause of 5-10 minutes will allow you to take the air and a drink will be offered to you!



In order to offer flexible schedules and meet the demand of customers who work at night, awareness courses are "open" on demand also without price increase. The next dates and course hours are visible on the homepage.


Purpose of these courses?


These courses have been set up to develop your ability to handle critical situations. Their aim is to make new drivers aware of their responsibility as drivers and to demonstrate to them in practice the influence they have on traffic.


Course sequence?


The courses are given in the premises of Montreux driving school by block of (4 x 2 hours). The maximum number of participants is 12. The 130 m2 room has been specially designed to allow you to follow the courses in a friendly way in a bright, design and modern place.

Course materials are continually revisited to ensure interactions and good working dynamics. We work around workshops (films, photos, news articles etc.) of experiences and questions that you ask yourself to deal with the strong subjects of these 4 modules.

Between the two hours of classes, there will be a break or you can take the air. A drink will be offered.




Your stamped and signed student's license attesting that you have taken the course well will be useful. It will have to be presented to the auto service to have that recorded. And this will allow you to enroll in the practical exam in due course.


Validity of awareness courses?


The certificate of the road traffic theory course is valid for 2 years from the date of issue.


Registration for courses?


The upcoming outreach dates are announced on the home page. And you can either register with the contact form, or by email or by phone at 079 969 35 90. If you have a preference me, and a time slot that suits you , Please let us know in the contact form. We will try to arrange you at best!


Date of awareness training?


Dates are regularly proposed, either in the evening, in the afternoon or in the morning. The schedules of the next courses are posted on the homepage in the news.


Price of the 8 hours of awareness?


The price of the 4 modules of the course is CHf 240.-





You passed the theoretical exam and received a Student Driver's License!

You are therefore forbidden to be under the influence of alcohol during your accompanied driving and to the person who will accompany you as well!


It is not compulsory (soon the entry into force of Opera 3), to take a minimum number of hours with a monitor.


How long will your student's license last?


Applications for Class B student licenses are valid for 2 years. Attention it is not extendable.

For the Motorbike / scooter the A1, A25kW and A student license is valid for 4 months during which you must absolutely do motorcycle courses.

Warning ! See the steps in the tariff section s.v.p!


Do you have the right to drive accompanied abroad?


No, the student driver's license is valid only in Switzerland.


Who can teach you how to drive?


Apprenticeship races in motor vehicles may only be undertaken if the student is accompanied by a person who is at least 23 years of age and who has been in possession of at least a driving license corresponding to the vehicle category for at least three years, Being more on trial.


Attention, this will change with the implementation of Opera 3, running 2016 probably where the accompanist will have to have 5 years of license, be 30 years old and follow two modules with a monitor to be able to learn to drive.


The person accompanying a student shall ensure that the race is carried out safely and that the student does not contravene the traffic regulations.


Choice of vehicle?

Car with manual transmission

Car with automatic transmission

And for other vehicles?

Motorcycle, scooter, truck, car etc ... go directly under the price tariff, thank you!


Automatic or manual car learning?

·If you like sporty driving, decide the speed ratio and manage driving alone. If you are thinking of driving different vehicles, manual and automatic in family or professional settings? If you have ease to learn?


The Montreux driving school offers you to train and pass the exam with a "box" car.


·If you do not think you have to drive a car one day and you want to simplify your life? Indeed, there are fewer things to learn to do with an automatic car. The choice of gear ratio, clutch and all the coordination and automation that it requires between the two legs and the hands is no longer useful, everything is automated in the automatic vehicle. In an automatic car you only have two pedals, the accelerator and the brake. And three positions to put either forward (D), back (R) or park (P).


The Montreux driving school can give you lessons with a car with automatic transmission and make you pass the exam.


Is my choice of vehicle final?

No, it is always possible to start the lessons in a manual car and switch to learning on an automatic car and vice versa en route. Student licenses are the same.


Pass the exam with a vehicle with a "manual" box?

The advantage is to be able to drive all kinds of cars manual or automatic with the permit issued.


Kind of school car called "manual"?

The Montreux driving school has a car, golf 7 r line of 110 KW (150 horses).


Its advantages are:


▪ Optimal size (to get used to a standard size)

▪ Very handy

▪ Good vision through windshields and sides

▪ Modular to adapt to students

▪ Quick Start

▪ Motor sufficiently powerful (to know how to control different vehicles)

▪ Driver assistance (for exam)

▪ Has a safety option in case of collision presumption

▪ Pleasure to drive a "sports car"




What will my permit mean if I pass the exam with a car with automatic transmission?


It allows driving only automatic vehicles.


But you can, if you passed your exam automatically, present yourself in a second time to pass the exam in manual car without problems.


Kind of auto-school car called "automatic"?


The Montreux driving school has a car, VW polo.


Its advantages are:

▪ Very nice size

▪ Good vision through windscreens and sides

▪ Quick Start

▪ Driver Assistance (for exam)

▪ Soft motor

▪ Automatic transmission

▪ Learning a lot simpler

▪ Safety option in case of collision presumption






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